July 19, 2013

“A Must Read” (Five Stars)

Amazon reviewer Marilyn Meyers on Swoon:

“A fun, riveting read – witty, gossipy, well-investigated. It has a new generation beat on an intellectual plane that puts a smile on your face. In the eternal quest for love, ladies glean how they should be treated, how to recognize men that can enhance and enrich their lives. 

Dr. Prioleau gives the gentlemen a roadmap to the subtleties it takes to win a lady’s heart. How to beguile hasn’t changed much in the millennia. The magic secrets are revealed in the lives of the many fascinating mythological and historical characters, and a string of interviews with contemporary Lotharios tells how to get lucky today! It should be required reading for all men who yearn to please a woman. Discussed is every tactic that could tug at the heartstrings and tickle the brain – and ignite a flame.

To the ladies – sweet dreams! To the men – a toast to success! I highly recommend it!”

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