July 23, 2013

“A very thought-provoking book”

An Amazon reviewer wrote this about Swoon: “I was uncertain that this book would be for me. After all, I am long married, so why would I want to read about seducers? But Betsy Prioleau got me hooked by the fifth page. She asks questions that have lurked in my mind, unformed, forever. I am grateful for her for doing all this research. Her journey through the history of seducers and their charms is about far more than flirtation and sex. She is really addressing what it means to be alive. Those in long-term faithful relationships can benefit by being reminded of these mysteries. Prioleau’s own prose vibrates so that she too is a seducer, drawing us in. Highly recommend.” – Laura Schenone (Montclair, New Jersey)

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