July 25, 2013

Did you know…? SWOON Fun Fact #3

Nerds Get the Number 10s

Smart is sexy.  The brain is the biggest sex organ and women’s second (maybe first) most loved part of the male anatomy. Pick Up guru David DeAngelo explains “Why Very Intelligent Men Fail with Women,” but he’s wrong.

A 2008 New Scientist study found that women looking for both one-night stands and long-term relationships go for intellectuals over dumb jocks.  “Men’s actual smartness,” researchers discovered, “proved a reliable indicator of their appeal for both brief hook-ups and serious relationships.”  In another recent poll, 8 in 10 women ages 18-34 (81%) say intelligence matters most; only 14% cited looks, and 5%, money. All About Romance, featured a popular blog, “Really Smart Heroes:  Brains over Brawn is Better.”  Professors are one of the archetypes of romance novels and “intelligence is the most important quality of the hero.”

Evolutionary psychologist Timothy Taylor argues that males and females may have found larger brains sexier in prehistory and psychologist Geoffrey Miller thinks bigger brains evolved the same way penises did; they reached inside women’s pleasure system. Men with the most cerebral bells and whistles captured the top women—brainiacs also predicted greater economic and social success. 

There’s also something intrinsically, mysteriously sexy about intelligence.  Philosopher Martha Nussbaum, like other philosophers, notes that it’s “easy to see parallels between sexual desire and desire for wisdom.” Learning and lust are interwoven at a deep level.

Great ladies’ men know how to make learning seductive.  They sparkle with mental energy, surprise, amuse, instruct, crank the drama, and surf the whole realm of knowledge—high, middle, and lowbrow.  Some famous heartbreakers are professional intellectuals:  Bertrand Russell with his bad breath, high, fluty voice, and “Mad Hatter’s” features had four wives and countless mistresses, including bird-of-paradise Ottoline Morrell, and my great aunt Barry Fox who treated him to “several enjoyable evenings” in New York City.  Others include Bill Clinton, the 18th-century encyclopedist and stud, Denis Diderot; wall-eyed, five-foot Jean-Paul Sartre, and Aldous Huxley, nicknamed the “Ogre” for his ungainly height and looks, who was adored by women and told his son his secret:  “intelligence endows love with effectiveness.”  

The brain is the sexist muscle a man can develop.

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