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In my books and essays, I nearly always treat the same subject: sex and love from a post-feminist perspective. My first full-length work, Circle of Eros, re-examined the alleged prude of American literature, William Dean Howells, and found someone quite different—a champion of women and more permissive sexuality. Then with Seductress I looked at history’s great enchantresses and questioned the babe and vamp myths. These sexy supremas, I discovered, are often without looks or youth, and seduce the best men with their strong personalities and an array of little-known love arts. They’re futuristic heroines who succeed in life and love.

In my new book, Swoon, I explore another misunderstood phenomenon: ladies’ men who electrify and enthrall women. I studied these epic lovers from Casanova and Lord Byron to the present, including a number I interviewed across the country. Like seductresses, they refute every stereotype and possess a cache of powerful erotic secrets we haven’t heard about. They suggest an answer to the oldest enigma: what women want. They’re a welcome presence amid the sexual impasse today. They can show men the real ropes in love and lasting passion, and make a lot of women happy again.

“Betsy Prioleau may be an academic, but she writes like a dream… Swoon is sharp, sexy and completely engrossing.” BookPage

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